Care Instructions

  • Your piece might have a special patina applied to bring out the contrast between the silver and gold. The patina may fade over time due to wear, humidity and exposure to perfumes and air pollutants. Take extra care to keep the jewelry dry and clean to extend its finish.
  • Please DON’T USE cleaning dips, ultrasonic cleaners, steamers, polishing pastes or other tarnish removal agents to clean your piece as these will remove the patina and may damage the gemstones.
  • It is ok to lightly rub a soft jewelry polishing cloth on your jewelry to BRIGHTEN it up without removing too much of the patina.
  • CLEAN your jewelry using a soft toothbrush and mild dish soap mixed in a bowl of warm water. Let the jewelry soak for a few minutes, scrub, then rinse with warm water. Dry completely with a soft towel.
  • To prevent further tarnishing, you can STORE your piece in a dry air tight container or zip lock bag.
  • AVOID wearing your jewelry in chlorine pools and Sulphur hot springs.